Monster Energy Presents: 7 Inches of Pleasure Tour


With talks of 2017 being the year that vinyl becomes a billion dollar industry, it’s safe to say that vinyl is a bit of a hot commodity again. With how quickly the digital movement took over the music industry in this past decade and how much technology has changed the art of DJing, it’s great to see that before the trending hash tags, there was a group of highly skilled DJs that took to the road armed only with their favourite 7 inch records aka 45s.

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Monster Energy’s 7 Inches Of Pleasure Winter Tour returns for 5th year

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Five years ago, Monster Energy rounded up a select group of DJs to celebrate the format of vinyl.
With notable artists like the legendary DJ Scratch (New York), Vinyl Ritchie (Vancouver), and Mat The Alien (Vancouver Island) in tow, the 7 Inches Of Pleasure Winter Tour — dubbed as a “history lesson disguised as an epic dance party” — would become hugely successful, touring through over 20 different cities across the nation and paying tribute to those who helped vinyl to become a pillar of DJ culture.

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