Shout out from Z-Trip

Excerpt from the Pique
While here, he also plans to see his Whistler DJ buddies Vinyl Ritchie and Mat the Alien.
“I know I’ll be seeing them, riding with them and probably hanging out. To me, in the DJ community, these guys are huge,”

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All vinyl DJ set to spin at the Northern

Excerpt from the Fernie Free Press
“We are all friends and we have all known each other for a long, long time. We were approached by Monster Energy to do a DJ tour but see if we could do it all playing 45s because nobody was doing that sort of thing,” said Scott Arkwell, aka Vinyl Ritchie.

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Friendly competition and a lot of vinyl

Excerpt from the Pique
Four of Canada’s top DJs — two with long Whistler ties — are starting their annual pilgrimage around Western Canada… and the pleasure is all theirs.

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Vancitybuzz Interview

Excerpt from
Vancouver’s own Vinyl Ritchie is, too, an icon in his own right. In the 90s, he was one of the first Western Canadian DJs to mix electronic releases with forgotten b-sides and gold hits — an innovative combination that has led him to remain a longstanding fixture in the city’s club scene.

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Whistler Question – Feb 2016

Excerpt from the Whistler Question
Approximately 29,000 records later and Arkwell, best known as Vinyl Ritchie in the DJ world, can recall them all by name or album cover and tell the tale behind them.

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Monster Energy 7″ of Pleasure Tour – News Release

7 Inches Is All It Takes
Monster Energy’s Popular All-Vinyl Tour Is Back for a Fourth Year


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