36 Hours in Whistler, British Columbia

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Vinyl Ritchie cameo at the GLC – 4:54

Mix of the Day: Vinyl Ritchie “A Christmas Special”

From www.musicismysanctuary.com
Our mix of the day is by the West Coast legend himself, Vinyl Ritchie, via the Slowcast Podcast Series.

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The Living Room Stage presents HOME For The Holidays

The ninth edition of this event series brings two of Canada’s finest purveyors of the funk together: vinyl ambassadors, skate thrashers and all around top brass chaps.

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DJ Flipout

I am very humbled by these kind words from legendary Vancouver DJ Flipout…

“Vinyl Ritchie has absolutely no fucks to be given and will kill most DJs sets playing nothing but 45s. His titty shaker sets are the best. Also, my mentor on the 45s tip.”