7″ of Pleasure Press

Excerpt from the Ottawa Metro
“Vinyl junkies take over Kinki for all-45s night”
By Trevor Greenway

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Interview with DJ Ilo

…“A lot of times as a DJ these days, you don’t know what kind of crowd you are walking into. Are they going to be young kids? Are they going to be old kids? Do they want to hear rap? Do they want to hear techno? You just never know,” adds Lloyd.

“If they show up with an open mind, the talent of this DJ crew can hit it home and really do a good job and take you all over the map and play records that you’ve forgotten about.”

He’s bang-on about the talent. This year’s 7” of Pleasure tour is as good as it gets with EPMDs’ DJ Scratch, Vancouver vinyl kingpin Vinyl Ritchie, west coast weirdo Mat the Alien and Illo throwing down at Kinki Night Club this Friday night.

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