Battle Stars

September 6, 2013 by BLVD Skateshop
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Its been nearly a week since the Battle at Hastings IV went down and its honestly taken this long for my head to stop spinning long enough to write this post…

I’ve had the opportunity to put on a lot of skate events (50 or so) over the years and know all too well the curse that is “anything that could go wrong – will”. From rain, to blown PA’s, bad turnouts, injuries etc.

This event though was the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. Every element of the day was fan – fricking-tastic!! A week of rain turned into a beautiful Saturday. A ton a rad skaters came up from the US ( including Brad McClain, Charlie Blair, Danny Tumia, Mason Merlino, Cody Lockwood and many more). Renee Renee took the mic, Vinyl Ritchie manned the tables, nobody got hurt and best of all – a crowd of 600+ people packed the place!! The stoke levels were off the charts. The air was buzzing and you could feel it from the first drop in to the last. Mind numbing skating was witnessed and Mother Hastings did not disappoint. We showed the world that Vancouver is on the map when it comes to world class transition terrain and riders. I feel very proud to have been a part of making this all happen and send massive shout outs to both Supra Distribution , Ultimate Distribution andConcrete Skateboarding Mag for getting behind it and doing such an amazing job with promotions, obstacles, filming and prizing.

Also shouts go out to Cariboo Brewing for keeping us all properly hydrated! (burrrrp)


10. Rick McCrank (39.2)
9. Riley Boland (57.1)
8. Frank Shaw (57.5) $250.00
7. Sky Silej (57.8) $250.00
6. Sluggo (64.85) $300.00
5. Steve Reeves (67.5) $600.00
4. Adam Hopkins (67.85) $1000.00
3. James Clarke (72.1) $1500.00
2. Cody Lockwood (73.95) $3000.00
1. Brad Mcclain (81.75) $6000.00

I could literally go on for hours about it all….and if you missed it I’m truly sorry. Hopefully these vids courtesy Ultimate Distribution and Supra Distribution will help ease the pain..

View photos and videos here

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