Friendly competition and a lot of vinyl

Excerpt from the Pique
By Cathryn Atkinson
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Four of Canada’s top DJs — two with long Whistler ties — are starting their annual pilgrimage around Western Canada… and the pleasure is all theirs.

Mat the Alien and Vinyl Ritchie, along with DJ Illo from Ottawa and DJ Pump from Calgary, are launching their all-vinyl 7 Inches of Pleasure Tour at the Garibaldi Lift Company (GLC).

It’s the fourth year of the 10-city tour, which will include Vancouver, Edmonton and Banff.

“The response is overwhelming. I thought for a long time that the kids who go to the clubs now don’t really care what the medium is, how the music is being played. But there is a large audience that does care,” says Scott Arkwell, a.k.a. Vinyl Ritchie.

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