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Monster invades Banff at the Dancing Sasquatch

May 07, 2012
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These days there are djs who have never played real vinyl. Luckily anyone who showed up to the Dancing Sasquatch in Banff on Sunday night witnessed what some of the best djs around can still do with a record, and not a computer screen to be seen. It was a night of 45s, not even a 12 inch single, all 7s from 6 of the world’s best.

Vinyl Ritchie, longtime proponent of the 45 RPM single was the philosophical father that birthed this event, and was excited to see what the rest of the lineup could do with a 7-inch record. “I don’t even care if I play” he said, “I can’t wait to see all these guys hit it.” But play he did, showing the packed crowd the depth of his musical knowledge and a good part of his deep music collection.

The great part of the night though, was the constant rotation in the dj booth. At one point DJ Illo played a track that instantly had z-trip running to the booth to jump in the mix, at some points all six djs were in the booth watching each other and getting hands on. DJ Flipout paid respect to his hip hop roots with some rap and breaks, Mat the Alien defied the notion that records are an anachronism with his ridiculous scratching, and Pump continued to impress the best with his skills.

“It tests your chops,” z-trip told me later. “There’s no faking it with 45s.” The part of the crowd that appreciates turntablism watched in awe as these guys took it to a whole new level, but even the folks in the crowd who didn’t know what a groundbreaking event they were at were swept up in the crazy energy. You know it’s a heavy event when all the djs are more excited than the crowd, and they had to pull the plug and drag these guys out of the booth, so you know they were feeling it.

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