Press Realease – Bloom Nightclub

From Bloom Nightclub, Nelson, BC
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If you haven’t seen Vinyl Ritchie (aka Scott Arkwell) in the Kootenays at least once over the past 20 years, you have been missing out. He has been one of the bricklaying pioneers of the DJ music scene here, as well as playing an integral part in the beginnings of the Whistler/Vancouver scene. He is also a longtime resident of the Shambhala Music Festival, headlining the Living Room and the Fractal Forest for as long as they have been around.

Always a mixed bag musically, he sets himself apart from the pack with his eclectic selections, never sticking to one sound for long, and laying claim to what is widely known as the deepest crates around western Canada, Scott is a bonafide record collector and connoisseur of the funk. Most DJs who have been around long enough all agree that Vinyl Ritchie is ranked at the top as one of Canada’s greatest record players.

Come check out Scott’s debut performance at Bloom on Friday October 23rd – Halloween starts here!

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