7″ of Pleasure presented by Monster Energy

The 7 inch vinyl record is the preferred audio delivery device from some of the best era’s in music history. Between the years of 1950 – 1975 it was the only physical way to manufacture some of the best songs ever created, and continues to be used to capture some of the most iconic and original tracks recorded today.

Using this format combined with newer styles of mixing, scratching and blending, the night 7″ OF PLEASURE features some of the best music ever recorded from all genres of music; funk, reggae, hip hop, rock, disco and punk, all served up on 7 inch vinyl by the most official collective of DJ’s on the subject. No digitally compressed files here, DJs Vinyl Ritchie, Illo, Mat The Alien, and DJ Pump know exactly how deliver a night of dance party madness!

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