7″ of Pleasure – The Hi Fi, Calgary – Review

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“The 7 inch vinyl record is the preferred audio delivery device from some of the best era’s in music history. Between the years of 1950 – 1975 it was the only physical way to manufacture some of the best songs ever created, and continues to be used to capture some of the most iconic and original tracks recorded today.” – From the event page of the #yyc show

7 Inches of Pleasure was a rare showcase of incredible talent. Five of the top vinyl selectas from the west, (and good friends at that), came together to play an exclusive 7 inch vinyl set – that’s right; no usb sticks and no laptops, just vinyl and nothing but energy. I remember when spinning vinyl was the norm and I hope that this is a sign that it may come full circle someday. Vinyl is one of those things that just feels right to me and I’m happy it’s making a resurgence. Like a visual art piece unfolding, I had the privilege of watching living legends Mat the Alien, Vinyl Ritchie, DJ Pump, DJ Illo and The Gaff rock the HiFi Club off her foundation while traveling through time with unique music selections.

The vibe was high on this particular night with no musical boundaries – it was like five dudes hanging in your living room jamming. The group were playing off each other and it seemed as though they were just having a good time hanging out like no one was watching. It translated to one of the best nights I’ve ever had at this club, and I’m sure that anyone who attended this show would agree with me. It was a solid mix of music from The Fugee’s to The Troggs to DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and back again. Party bombs were dropped and the crowd was getting down, bellowing out their favorite tunes at the top of their lungs with their hands held high in the air. Ladies and gents, it doesn’t get much better than this. It was the perfect mix of people and you could tell they were all there for the music. At one point it was three deejays jamming on six decks – now that’s something you don’t see every day and it was pretty damn impressive to watch these guys work so well together. So silky smooth on the wheels of steel.

Once again another killer sold out show at The HiFi Club, and I tip my hat to all the staff for providing us with a “REALLY GOOD” time. You guys continually bring the goods and Calgary loves you guys! HUGE shout out to the deejays, the crowd and all our friends that came out to support this night! If you missed this jam I would highly recommend not missing it the next time it rolls through the #yyc

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