Breakin to Reunite: Vinyl Ritchie & Czech back this Saturday at Fortune Soundclub in Vancouver

May 6, 2011
By Boon Kondo
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If there were ever a pair of OG DJs in this city, they happen to be pairing up for a rare old school reunion set this Saturday at Fortune Sound. A lot of high praise cliches can be used to describe Vinyl Ritchie and Czech: that they were holding it down way back when, that they helped introduce many different styles of music to Vancouver including defining their own sounds which in turn could be associated with a Vancouver sound if there ever were. Doing mashup before it had a name, playing some of the earliest “DJ clubs” and raves round town, being some of the earliest DJs that were above singular genre classification, doing it up in Whistler for just as long.

From the Starfish Room to Luvafair and Chameleon to Sonar and Shine, these 2 have played a lot of stuff at the clubs since forever. Below, Scotty talks about what the 2 have been up to and how he’s feeling coming into this gig.

“We are stoked to be playing together in Vancouver as it’s been quite some time. I can’t recall how long, but it’s been years and years since we played a venue the size of Fortune. We did play an unadvertised set at Friday Night Fever at The Bunker on April Fools Day (appropriate). It wasn’t really planned, it just sort of happened and turned into a reunion of sorts. People were hyped. When Czech rolls through town, all kinds of people come out of the woodwork to let off some steam.

Last month we played together at Sun Peaks and the ”old magic” was back. Then we played together in Whistler for the World Ski & Snowboard Fest and we spent the whole night arguing and shit talkin each other in the DJ booth, but we always do that in Whistler. Then we played the infamous Whistler Hotdoggin’ Party and it was absolutely bananas! Czech destroyed the place as only he can.

I’m sure Czech is calm about the Fortune gig but I’m kind of nervous. I haven’t been getting a whole lotta love on the DJ tip in Vancouver these days so I hope people come out and are feeling us. I have played Fortune a few times and I love the PA there. I can’t wait. This will be Czech’s first time playing there. As for what we’ve been up to as of late? Czech has been tripping around Europe DJ’ing and making tracks. I did a lot of snowboarding this past winter and have been playing out of town a lot and slowly working on a new Wicked Lester record with Brian Carson – check the Soundcloud. I don’t have no old photos of us on my computer. Sorry bro. Cya Sat.”

Also, while we’re on the subject of our old school DJs, Kevin Shiu also plays Fortune, Saturday, May 28.

For other shindigs running with their own steezo, check out the Jack Your Body crew’s fifth edition of the Midnight City series @ the Waldorf, Friday, May 13 with the Cosmic Kids from LA. Entry is free before 11:30 with RSVPhere.

Vinyl Ritchie @ Shine circa whenever they still had that Alice in Wonderland side enclosure (2004)

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