Moka only talks about Vinyl Ritchie

May 6, 2010
By Boon Kondo

Excerpt taken from “Vancouver’s Most Awesome: Moka Only!:
What makes Vinyl Ritchie another of Vancouver’s Most Awesome? (stay tuned for Vancouver’s Most Awesome: Vinyl Ritchie coming soon!)

Haha…oh snap. Scott is SOOO Vancouver. Love that cat. Back in the day we did so many gigs and production together. He was always just down for whatever and was proud of staying sharp in his field, both him and Kilocee. Me and Scott played everywhere from Whistler to Vic, Van…he had those jazz sensibilities so we worked very well together, plus we did many shows with a band as opposed to the standard two turntables and a mic type of biz. The dude is a Van O.G. Period.

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