Shout out from Z-Trip

Excerpt from the Pique – February 11, 2016

Z-Trip comes along for the ride
Hip-hop DJ and LL Cool J’s touring turntablist plays at the Longhorn Saloon

By Cathryn Atkinson
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…..While here, he also plans to see his Whistler DJ buddies Vinyl Ritchie and Mat the Alien.

“I know I’ll be seeing them, riding with them and probably hanging out. To me, in the DJ community, these guys are huge,” Z-Trip says.”I’m always excited to connect with them and talk about music… And when you’re kicking it with the locals, they’re going to show you all the good runs.” These two guys, when I’m in Squamish and Whistler, are the first people I reach out to. We bond over so many different things. I wanted to shout them out.”

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